High Quality Commercial Property Management Services

Commercial property managers are faced with different problems than managers who deal strictly with residential property. Commercial property is often multi-tenant where the actual building hosts a number of distinct tenants. As an example, a shopping plaza may only be one building, but it will host various retail stores, restaurants, medical clinics, and various other businesses. The property manager is responsible for both the individual tenants and the common areas. With these responsibilities, the Commercial property management companies not only have to ensure the property owner that each tenant is paying rent, but that they are paying a fair proportion of the expenses necessary to maintain the common areas. As can be appreciated, the negotiations with tenants and the potential problems associated with commercial properties can be complicated.

Commercial property management companies are not all created equal. The professionals at Real Property Management pride themselves with maintaining a harmonious relationship with the owners of the properties under their control, as well as with the tenants. It is true in all business that mutual trust and respect go a long way, and those problems that are the result of mistrust and poor communications can be minimized.

Real Property Management - the professionals in property management

With offices throughout the United States and Canada, Real Property Management is one of the largest commercial property management companies of its kind. Every office is staffed by property professionals who possess a great deal of knowledge on prevailing laws and the requisite expertise to deal with all aspects of commercial leases.

The many services we provide include frequent property inspections and the direction of day-to-day maintenance issues that avoid costly problems and inconveniences.

If you are the owner of commercial properties, centralized in one place or scattered throughout the country, look to Real Property Management to maximize your investment returns.