Our Story

It was 1983 and pizza delivery wasn’t making the grade for then college student Kirk McGary. The timing was perfect for two of his buddies to approach with an idea to offer residential property management services. If McGary wanted in, he had to handle accounting. He took a course and they took a chance. It went well for a few years, getting them all through college.

Not long after McGary’s graduation, his father was laid off just a couple of years before retirement. Wanting to help, McGary suggested that they make use of his father’s handyman skills and start a property management company.

Within three years, they grew to become the largest property management company in Utah. With continued innovation and refining along the way, they grew the Real Property Management franchise concept across the region.

The Real Property Management Difference

More than 25 years, and over 200 nationwide offices later, the goal at Real Property Management has remained consistent: to raise the level of customer service while keeping the cost of these services reasonably priced.

In order to continuously meet this goal we have re-engineered the property management process time and again, always finding ways to improve and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Contact us today to learn about the Real Property Management difference and what it can mean for your residential property investments.

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