5 Better Ways to Spend Your Time (Than Dealing with Your Rental Property)

Have a little extra time on your hands now that you’ve hired a professional property manager?

We are usually taught to use our time wisely, unplug, or find a better use for our spare time. What are some really cool things you can do with the time you’re not spending on your rental property? You could write a letter, read a book, or go visit a friend but here are a few more creative things to do with your spare time.spend your time watching tv

1. Bing Watch a Television Series

There are many TV series you’ve probably missed that are still available for viewing online.  Our favorite series include Game of Thrones, Hell on Wheels, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black.

2. Invent Something

Try to find something around your house that you can improve upon, and then make a prototype. Every great invention begins with a great thought!

3. Learn to Paint

You don’t have to have any real talent to learn to paint or to even have a fun night out. Check your local area for fun paint night outings! These classesspend your time with hobbies provide everything you need and give step-by-step instruction sending you home with your own personal masterpiece.

4. Take a welding class

There are some pretty crafty people on Pinterest. If you think welding is just a manual labor job, think again!

5. Become a YouTube sensation

Did you know the most successful YouTuber makes $13 Million dollars a year? These self-made millionaires make millions doing anything from playing with toys, commentating on video games in play, to parodying popular songs.

How Do You Spend Your Spare Time Now That You've Hired a Professional Property Manager?

spending time relaxing

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