Rental payments can be made by the tenant through the tenant portal. How you receive your proceeds may vary based upon location or preference, please ask your local office for specific details.

Getting properties rented efficiently is pivotal to our success and happy clients, we market property vacancies across numerous well known platforms to find quality tenants quickly.

Tenants or owners can submit a maintenance request via their online portal. The portal allows tenants and owners to submit a request by providing a description of the issue as well as upload photos. Our goal is full transparency of the maintenance process.

We highly recommend that you use our preferred vendors that have been vetted for professionalism, timeliness, and have the proper licensing to mitigate your risk.

Over half of all renters have pets. Being open to pets will increase demand through the entire prospective rental pool and increase the rental price per month. If you would rather not, it is OK to prohibit pets. Your local office can provide more information on how to mitigate pet damage with tenants.

The leasing process has many variables including time of year, local inventory, condition, and price. In most cases, we can find a qualified applicant to fill vacancies quickly and recommend speaking with your local office for specific details or guarantees.

Much like the real estate market determines sales prices, the local rental market determines rental rates. Your local office can provide a professional market analysis.

Tenant screening is very thorough most include background, credit, employment checks our process digs deeper, ask your local office for additional details.

Our tenant screening process usually prevents these types of issues; however, if a problem should arise, we always respond promptly and firmly. The eviction process varies based upon location. We work in compliance with all legalities.

Real Property Management provides comprehensive full-service property management. Our services include rent and fee collection, screening, leasing, maintenance, professional market analysis, evictions, financial statements, and much more.

Utlizing the right property management company can make you more money, not less. Our experience will ensure that you enjoy optimal return on investment for your rental property.

The market for furnished rental properties is smaller, most renters prefer an unfurnished property but that does not preclude you from doing so. Your local office can provide more information.

Our online portal makes it quick and easy to access any information for your rental property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The owner bears the financial responsibility of paying for repairs to the investment property which includes repairs falling under normal “wear and tear.”If the tenant is found responsible for damage or is negligent about property maintenance our offices will bill and reimburse accordingly.

We do handle evictions. Laws vary by state and locality and we ensure all evictions are in compliance legally. Please contact your nearest office for information specific to your area.