Protect Your Investment & Maximize Your Return

Property owners who have used a property manager, and those who have not, both quickly learn the value of hiring a Real Property Management office.

Here’s why:

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Preserve Your Property

Taking care of your property goes beyond just paying a property manager to watch over it. The professionals at your local RPM office are here to help you protect your investment and make you the most money. Using proprietary tools, they determine the best rental rate for your property. They guide you in understanding what improvements should be made to attract tenants who are willing to pay more and take care of your home. They also conduct move-in assessments and regular inspections, complete with photos, to ensure your property stays in good shape

RPM will save you time and money with reliable, cost-effective maintenance using internal systems, providing proactive maintenance management, and responding to tenant requests to save you money long-term.

The value of your property is important while it’s being rented, but it’s important to remember that there is value long-term for property appreciation.

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Shorter Vacancies and Quality Tenants

Every day a property is vacant is money out of your pocket. Rental offices can spend hundreds of dollars every month advertising vacancies with the hope of filling them faster, regardless of the tenant. Placing the wrong tenant in your rental home can be an expensive mistake—on average, bad tenants can cost a property owner four to six times the monthly property rent rate. RPM screens tenants thoroughly, making every effort to find reliable tenants who will pay rent on time and treat your home like it was their own. Smarter tenant placement is a result of a rigorous background screening process, including credit, employment, rental history, and criminal checks using a systematic business approach.

When collections and evictions are necessary, a streamlined automated system ensures that progress is made as quickly as possible, all laws and codes are followed, and no step is missed.