Enjoy Life: Real Property Management Shares 5 Ideas for a Memorable Mother’s Day

Real Property Management Shares 5 Ideas for a Memorable Mother’s Day

  1. Give the gift of thanks
    Chocolates and roses mean a lot, but for many moms, gifts from the heart mean much more. Show mom gratitude on her day by sharing all the things you appreciate about her.

  2. The best brunch
    When celebrating mom’s special day with brunch or dinner, don’t just choose any old waffle spot. Instead, research special places where mom used to dine as a kid, or even where she went on her first date with dad. Then, surprise mom with a meal at a place that brings fond memories.

  3. Take a trip down memory lane
    If a week-long trip to a favorite destination is out of the question, you can still give mom the feeling of a getaway this Mother’s Day. Collect old photos and postcards from past trips and create a collage or photo book to reminisce on favorite memories of places in the past.

  4. Share her story
    For those who have lost their mother, or even those who have not, celebrating mom’s life through the sharing of her story is a great way to honor her. Combine captured memories from mom’s life in the form of a video memorial to share the story of her life with family and friends.

  5. Celebrate her best qualities
    Take some time to reflect on all the ways your mom has positively influenced your life. Fill a pretty container with thoughtful sayings and whenever Mom needs a smile, she can pick a sweet thought out and be reminded of how amazing she is.

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