Changing the Shape of Real Estate Investing – The Emerging Force of Women

Historically, women in real estate investing have been viewed more often as “accidental landlords” – or landladies – instead of professionals in the field. The image of a landlady carries such a negative stigma, in fact, that some professional organizations of women in real estate investing started calling themselves “female landlords” instead. That such a distinction is necessary points to a persistent social inclination to view women as caretakers and amateurs instead of intentional investors. Real estate investing is often regarded as a male-dominated business because for many years it was. Currently, however, increasing numbers of women are finding success as professional investors, a shift that is rapidly changing the field of real estate investing. While some women continue to face gender-based prejudice – such as mortgage lenders refusing to make loans to a woman without her husband’s signature – more often than not, such barriers are coming down.

Laptop computer on table being used by a woman

Finding Success

Although exact numbers are hard to come by, current research suggests that about 30% of property investors in America are women. While such a statistic makes it clear that a gender disparity persists, that gap is rapidly closing. The fact is that more women are finding success as property investors, and the numbers show it. When comparing their performance to others, records show that women tend to outperform men on their investment returns, often by as much as 2:1. Many women also cultivate skills that lend themselves well to real estate investing. Industry experts are paying attention to what makes women particularly successful as property investors, noting strengths like careful market research, low-risk property choices, and a willingness to commit long-term. Surprisingly, disadvantages like the gender pay gap and family caretaking responsibilities have also contributed to the success of women investors. The drive to achieve financial stability and provide for their families is strong for many women, and more women than ever before are finding both in real estate.

Changing the Field

As more women become successful property investors, the industry will undoubtedly benefit from their contributions. One important way that women are shaping real estate investing is by leaving behind the outdated concept of the owner-landlord. Rather than buy and personally manage a single rental property, perhaps two, women investors are more often looking to buy diverse and wide-ranging rental properties and then enlist others to manage them. They understand how important it is to partner with professionals whom they can rely on to handle the day-to-day management of their rental homes.

More than ever, real estate investing is being pursued by women as a means to achieve financial stability, meet ambitious retirement goals, and build wealth. As a result, and as they continue to enter the field ready to take charge of their futures, the demand for quality, nationwide services like those offered by Real Property Management will only increase. We offer high-quality, comprehensive property management services from coast to coast, and are dedicated to helping real estate investors achieve their financial goals.

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