Real Property Management Customer Profile: Planning for Tomorrow, Living for Today

For many, retirement is a hot button topic. For on-the-go couple Steve and Cheryl Irwin, Real Property Management has allowed them an early start on a semi-retirement plan.

The Irwins have been married for 30 years and have no plans of slowing down. From hunting for bargains in thrift stores to enjoying outdoor jazz concerts, the Irwins have plenty of hobbies. Cheryl is a retired music teacher and gives piano lessons. Steve is active in various bicycling organizations and continues to commute to work every day.

The Irwins first spoke to Shaun Norton of Real Property Management Chicago Edge in December of 2010—prior to even purchasing their investment property.

“We made our decision to use Real Property Management well before we purchased the loft. We stayed in contact with Shaun throughout the entire 14 month process. Talk about patient!”p>

The Irwins knew exactly what they were looking for in a property management company and Real Property Management met all expectations, including owners’ association involvement, property owner updates, communication, cost and even eviction coverage.

The Irwins are based in Des Moines, Iowa and ultimately needed a property management company that could look after their loft 350 miles way in Chicago.

“We can’t see our loft every day, and having Real Property Management manage our unit increases our ownership comfort level dramatically. It is as if a family member is watching our unit,” said Steve.

“It is hands off easy! When a water leak recently occurred in our loft, they notified us immediately and had already taken steps to correct it. They operate almost like a co-owner, rather than just a property manager. Their interest in our satisfaction is genuine.”

The Irwins shared that even if property values never increase over the next15 years, they will still see a positive return on their property investment.

“Real Property Management has provided us a method to invest in a property for semi-retirement while seeing a steady stream of income until we take the plunge!”

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