Good Service Leads To Repeat Tenant Business

Annabelle survived hurricane Katrina, but lost all of her possessions in the flooding. She moved to Mississippi before settling in California. Five years ago, Real Property Management Platinum in Clovis, California rented a home to this kind, spunky, single woman in her 80s.

Barbara Godfrey of Real Property Management Platinum with Annabelle and her dog.

Annabelle was happy living with her dog, Pepper, in the home she was renting, but when ownership of the home changed hands and the new owner discontinued using Real Property Management Platinum to manage the property, things began to go downhill. The new owner did not respond to serious issues at the house. There was a security problem that was not fixed, even after the garage door was broken and items were stolen. There was heavy rain that caused flooding onto the carpet inside the house. After a while, the spunky octogenarian decided she had had enough with their poor service and it was time to make a change.

Because she had a positive experience with our Real Property Management office previously, she contacted us and asked if we would rent to her again, said Barbara Godfrey, owner of Real Property Management Platinum. We had a great history with her, and we were happy that we had another property available that suited her needs.”

In property management, “It’s all about providing great service to both our rental homeowner clients as well as the residents who lease the homes we manage,” said Barbara.  “At Real Property Management Platinum we work hard to protect our owners’ interests and treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. Our clients appreciate good service, which often results in referral and repeat business.”

As for the kind, spunky, single woman in her eighties? Barbara says, “Annabelle is happy with her new location and that her neighbors are friendly and look out for each other.  She appreciates our property evaluations and especially Steve, from our office, checking in to see if any maintenance is needed and making sure she is taken care of.  She will celebrate her 88th birthday in May and told us she never wants to move again at her age.”

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