Is Your Advertising Discriminatory According to the Federal Fair Housing Act?

Which of the following statements may indicate a discriminatory advertising practice according to the Federal Fair Housing Act?

A. Executive home
B. Catholic church nearby
C. Preferred neighborhood
D. Child-friendly neighborhood
E. Gated community
F. b. and d.
G. None of the above

Answer:  The Answer is F.  Religion and Age are protected classes according to the Federal Fair Housing Act. Advertising ‘church nearby’ is acceptable (a church can be considered a landmark) however, advertising a specific denomination is unacceptable as it is considered steering the prospective tenant.  Likewise, advertising ‘playground within walking distance’ is acceptable while ‘child-friendly neighborhood’ is not.  Other protected classes are:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Creed
  • National origin
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Familial status
  • Physical, emotional, or mental disability
  • Any other condition required by state law, of which sexual orientation is added as an example.

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