Natural Disasters on your Property: How Property Managers Help Owners Recover

Real Property Management: Your First Line of Defense Against Natural Disaster

Disaster can strike at any time, so it is vital that you and your property are prepared. Allen Wessel of Real Property Management Antelope Valley in California provided his advice on ways property owners can prevent damage and how Real Property Management can help you recover from the aftermath of a disaster.

How can property owners prepare for natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, and floods?

Knowledge is the key to minimizing potential damage to your home. The first step is identifying which potential disasters are prevalent in the area of your property. In the deserts of California, owners have various concerns including earthquakes, fire, and mudslides.

In the Southeast, hurricanes are an issue, while the Midwest faces tornadoes. Your local Real Property Management office can assist you in determining the threat level and provide options to help.

How does Real Property Management help owners prepare for disasters?

A typical disaster strikes without notice, so making sure you have the proper insurance and customer contact information, mitigation on-site (retaining walls, weed clearance, etc.), and a good support team are all keys to being prepared.

Real Property Management can help you create an action plan that addresses the common threats in your area. It could be as simple as clearing brush or upgrading retaining walls, but a plan helps owners address issues and have peace of mind.

How does Real Property Management help owners recover from disasters?

Dealing with insurance companies, inspections, and contractors (and ensuring they are properly licensed and insured), on top of dealing with tenants, possible relocation, and all the other issues that come with recovering from a disaster can be very overwhelming.

Your Real Property Management office takes the load off your shoulders by meeting inspectors and contractors, coordinating with the insurance companies, and assisting tenants.

When it comes to protecting your rental property and assets, Real Property Management is your first line of defense. In the event of a natural disaster, we allow you to focus on the aftermath in your personal life without the added stress of recovering your property from damage.

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