Real Property Management Celebrates 2017 Outstanding Franchise Award Winners!

Three Real Property Management franchises received special recognition for their outstanding accomplishments in 2017. Below are the award winners for Franchise of the Year, Rising Star, and Above and Beyond.

Franchise of the Year

Emily and Marcus Phillips

Real Property Management Palm Beach County, Florida

Lukas Krause (left) congratulates Marcus Phillips of Real Property Management Palm Beach County

Given for proficiency and excellence in all aspects of property management. Franchise of the Year is awarded to an office that has demonstrated leadership and goes out of their way to strengthen the entire Real Property Management organization. Franchise owners Marcus and Emily Phillips not only continue to thrive in their own business, they also participate on councils, take time to provide thoughtful ideas and feedback, generously share their time and knowledge with other franchise owners, and have a continued desire to strengthen their business. They join previous ‘franchises of the year’ winners including Real Property Management Express (2016), Real Property Management Last Frontier (2015), Real Property Management Greater Milwaukee Suburbs (2014), and Real Property Management Sac-Metro (2013).  

Rising Star Award

Eric Peoples

Real Property Management Eclipse, Bothell, Washington

Awarded to a newer office that has had early success and contributes new life to the organization with their presence.  Through hard work and determination, Eric’s office has steadily grown, increased profitability, and improved operational efficiencies. Eric is an example to others in the Real Property Management organization.  

Above and Beyond Award

Josh Kattenberg

Real Property Management Express, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Awarded to a franchise owner nominated by their peers as the most deserving for assisting others in the franchise organization. Josh’s willingness to pilot new programs, provide ideas and insight, and share his experiences with fellow franchisees is unmatched. He freely shares his passion for the property management industry throughout the organization and is a pillar in his community.  

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