Professional Property Management Company Keeps Family Together | Real Property Management Customer Profile - Sally

Sally grew up in Saint George, Utah in the home where she and many family members were born. Even though the family has grown up and found their own lives, careers and places to live, the home still means a lot to the family, so it was decided that renting the property out would be in the best interests of everyone—they could keep the home in the family and generate revenue. They first tried to manage the property on their own without a professional property management company.

Although Sally and her six siblings adore the home, love is not enough to manage tenants or take care of a 100-year-old home, especially when she’s living 300 miles away.

With most of the family living far away and not having the time, managing the property became difficult. She knew it was time to hire a professional property management company.

The last time the house became vacant Sally and her family considered selling the property but after finding Real Property Management they opted to continue renting the house.

Real Property Management found a qualified, responsible renter and gave Sally and her family more authority over their money.

“They (Real Property Management) gave us control over our expenses,” Sally said. “We have approval rights over everything. They contact us in the spring to ask us if fertilizer should be used. Even though we’re 300 miles away, we still have control.”

But there’s an added bonus for Sally’s family: not only have they kept the house but the revenue generated from renting it has paid for the family to get together.

“We use the money to pay for a family reunion of 80 people every two years,” Sally said.

And, according to Sally, Real Property Management is not only managing the renters, but is looking after the home as well.

“Real Property Management has done a lot for the tenants but also for the property. They make sure it’s going to be good in the future,” Sally said. “It’s nice to know somebody is taking care of the house when we’re not there.”

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