Real Property Management You Make the Call: Meth Labs

Meth labs inside rental properties have become a growing concern for home owners and property managers. Often, the warning signs go unnoticed leading to further problems down the road.

What are the signs that a rental property is being used as a meth lab?

A. Odd odors
B. Increased utility usage
C. The resident is not the tenant who signed the lease
D. Frequent visitors with short stays
E. All of the above

The answer is E: All of the above

Meth labs are a growing concern for rental home owners, and can be very costly to clean up. Signs of a meth lab include unusual odors, increases in utility usage, covered windows, strange modifications to ventilation, dead landscaping and suspicious activity and visitor traffic.

Prior to a tenant occupying your property, Real Property Management conducts rigorous screening, including a criminal background check, to minimize the risk of illegal activities such as meth labs on your property.

While your property is leased, Real Property Management acts in your best interest by conducting routine inspections of your property to ensure tenants comply with lease terms and codes. We document our findings and alert you of possible suspicious or illegal activity.

By being diligent in screening tenants, overseeing your property and keeping you informed, Real Property Management is your ally to minimize your risk and navigate issues.

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