Simple but Effective Ideas to Enhance Curb Appeal

Looking for ideas to enhance curb appeal at your rental property?

A rental home with a nice curb appeal can lead to quality tenants who will pay higher rent and take care of your home.  The neighbors will appreciate it too!  Here are five easy ways to enhance your rental home’s curb appeal.

1. Spray Paint Your Existing Hardware

Outdoor hardware, such as doorknobs, locks, railings, and light fixtures can be expensive to replace. Older hardware can start looking old after a while and date your property. Try spray painting your hardware with an upgraded finish like oil rubbed bronze.

2. Prune shrubs and trim dead flowers

Spend an hour giving your front bushes and shrubs a spring trim and remove dead flowers. Focus on the area most visible from the street.

3. Paint Ugly Electrical Boxes

There is nothing pretty about exposed electrical boxes. Camouflage them by painting them a color similar to the color of the home.

4. Hang up your hose

Don’t leave your water hose curled up on the side of your house. Hang it up on a nice wall mounted hanger or even better, hide it in an appealing box or container.

5. Pressure Wash Everything

You’d be amazed at how much dirt is covering your home. Pressure wash the walls, windows, siding, concrete, and decks for an amazing clean.

enhance curb appeal enhance curb appeal

Do you have any tips you would add to this list?

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