Stacy Brown | 22 Years of Experience with Property Management Companies

Stacy Brown – Franchise Support Center, Operations Manager, Utah

Being born and raised, moving away and back to Utah, Stacy Brown started looking for property management companies that she wanted to work for. When she found Real Property Management she knew she had found what she wanted. Stacy supports all Real PM offices throughout the country with advice and consultation about how to handle complex situations. “I worked with other companies that tried to create a nationwide brand but Real Property Management knew you had to start from the ground up, and continue to build it,” Stacy said. “This was the only company that did that.” Stacy has been in Property Management for over 22 years and is still very much committed to her trade. “People scoff when I say this, but this is not a job for me, it’s a passion,” Stacy said. “Every day and every opportunity offers something different.”

Striving for Excellence

Working on the revisions of the Real PM Operations Manual, Stacy pushes for the very best. Very self-aware, and conscious that some might roll their eyes when she starts “preaching,” Stacy realizes that the way to set yourself, and your company, apart from the competition is by being great.

“My huge push right now is excellence, not just in customer service, but in everything. It’s the old saying, treat others like you want to be treated. Nowadays it’s a novelty, but it is still the rule.”

Stacy talks about making situations the best they can be, even when the situation isn’t a good one.

“Every experience has to be a professional one, even if it’s an unpleasant one. Even if we made a mistake. If we made the mistake, own it, and do what is right in the end.”

And Stacy believes that attitude will take Real Property Management to new heights.

“Most people are selling some kind of product, we sell ourselves, our service. We sell that we take the utmost care of our clients. Our clients aren’t numbers, they’re people. We deal with these peoples most valued asset, think about it …after your family, what do people care most about? Their homes. We take care of their homes. Because of this sometimes situations can get taken to extremes very quickly, it is hard sometimes to stay professional and understand when emotions are high it is situations that are frustrating and not to take it personal. Remembering to make the best of every situation is key.

“If we can do that we’ll be the Company everybody wants to be part of.”

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