Tip: Use the Real Property Management Owner Portal to Stay Informed

As a rental property owner, it’s important to have instant access to information such as deposits, payments, notices and tax documents. Many property management companies rely on mail and phone communications to keep owners up to date. Real Property Management uses technology so you can retrieve current information regarding your rental property, whenever you need it.

The Real Property Management Owner Portal is available via the internet, so there is no need to call for the information or wait for a representative to get back to you. Much of the information is published in real-time, so you can be fully up-to-date on your property even from thousands of miles away.

The owner portal also enhances communication and customer relations between Real Property Management and our property owners. Depending on how it is configured for each office’s desired use, you may receive notifications of activities such as lease signings, new work orders, requested maintenance, received rent payments and delinquent rent payments.

Access to your owner portal account is through a secured log in from the Real Property Management’s home page. Contact us if you need assistance with accessing your account.

Here are some recommendations for using your owner portal account:

  • Review the transactions on each Monthly Statement posted in your account and use the information to stay informed of your overall financial
  • Monitor income and expenses, and be aware of approvals and payments needed for maintenance
  • Review messages and alerts posted in your account; Real Property Management announcements, reminders of seasonal maintenance work, policy changes, and upcoming deadlines are often posted
  • Find financial information needed for tax return preparation purposes on the Annual Statement
  • Use the Annual Statement to review the yearly performance of your investment and determine the overall prosperity of your property; Calculate profit, account for maintenance and property management costs, and plan for the next year based on the previous year’s performance (e.g., upgrades to your rental property)

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