Turn Your Passion Into Volunteer Work

Volunteer hands stacked together

Are you passionate about something?  Maybe your passion is the environment, children’s education, homelessness, disabled veterans, animals, youth sports or the arts.  Whatever it is, volunteering is a fun and easy way to use your interests and passions. Not only does volunteering improve the lives of others, research suggests it can also improve your own life.  It connects you to others and allows new and diverse friendships.  It can increase self-confidence, combat depression, and help you stay physically and mentally active.  Finally, volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life by doing things you love and making a difference in your community.

Volunteers working on a project building a structure

To find the right opportunity, consider what you would enjoy and are capable of doing. Also make sure that your commitment matches the organization’s needs. Ask yourself a few questions to narrow your options.  Do you want to volunteer alongside friends or family? How much time are you willing to give and how much responsibility do you want?  What skills can you bring? Are you better behind the scenes or in a more visible role?

Lady holding a rescue dog

To find opportunities, search websites like Volunteermatch.org or Idealist.org.  Before committing, visit different organizations to see what fits you.  The more satisfaction you have as a volunteer, the better your contributions and the more likely you’ll continue. The possibilities are endless.  Whether you volunteer at a library, senior center, church, national park, animal rescue organization, after school program, museum or theater, enjoy your passion through volunteerism.  

What is your passion?

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