Water Heater Maintenance - Clean The Filter

Water Heater Maintenance – Clean The Filter Water heater maintenance is fairly straightforward, and many property owners know how to do the basics, such as flushing the tank twice per year, checking the anode rod, and other aspects. However, many property owners either do not know about or forget the air filter, which is often a black mesh ring circling the bottom of your water heater. This air water heater maintenance clean filterfilter will help keep dust and other grime from getting into your heater’s heating system. However, dust will build up on this filter, and this reduces the air flow to your heater, thus creating a less efficient heater since your heater requires air to ‘breathe’.  You should clean your water heater's filter each time you flush your tank. Cleaning your filter only takes a few minutes and requires no special tools. Follow these straightforward steps.

Turn Off Gas/Pilot Light You do not want any dust flowing up into your heater while you are cleaning, so shut off the gas flow first.

Remove Filter The filter is kept in place with a simple catching mechanism. Find the catch mechanism, undo, and remove from your heater’s bottom. water heater maintenance filter catching mechanism

Clean To clean your filter, you can use compressed air to blow away the excess dust. If you don’t have an air compressor, then lay out your filter on the ground, and then spray with water until the dust is removed.

Dry If you use water to clean your filter, then hang your filter to dry, or wipe down with a cloth.

Put Filter Back in Place Once your filter is dry, replace underneath your water filter by stretching around the bottom, and then using the grasp mechanism to secure. Check on all sides to ensure that your filter is sitting properly and without any gaps to allow dust through.

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