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Find Investment Rental Properties That Meet Your Criteria

Looking to purchase a rental property? Instead of searching thousands of websites worldwide that offer functionality for finding properties based on characteristics such as size, location and price, use this tool which also allows you to sort by the financial performance of each property.

Our partner,, has created a tool to search for potential new investment properties using a variety of criteria including cost, house characteristics, projected rate of return as a rental, and individual purchase and financing criteria.  Through an exclusive relationship with RentRange®, investors can verify value, rental income, taxes, HOA payments, insurance, vacancy rates, etc. In addition, you can conduct quick searches to gain valuable insight about properties in the same geographic area as your current investment.  Best of all, there is NO COST to you!

You may be actively searching for properties to add to your portfolio.  Utilize this sophisticated platform to find, analyze and compare properties based on discount to market value, cash flow, cap rate and even cash on cash return. This tool also provides:

  • Customized, unlimited property searches
  • Automated Valuation of over 1,000,000 listings to find the hidden gems
  • Unlisted Deals from REO Asset Managers, Foreclosure Agents and Wholesalers
  • Powerful real estate investment analysis tools and calculators

And remember, as the nation’s trusted leader in residential property management and leasing, more than 280 Real Property Management offices throughout the United States are ready to take care of your rental homes so you don’t miss out on the things – and people – important to you.