5 Reasons to Have a Rental Property Inspection

A regular rental property inspection is an invaluable service for your investment!

Rental Property Inspection

Have you had a rental property inspection lately?  If not, here are five good reasons to have Real Property Management conduct an inspection soon.

  1. Ensure tenants are complying with the terms of the lease (e.g., pets, tenants, parking).
  2. Confirm no illegal activity is taking place.
  3. Identify any maintenance or repairs needed.
  4. Save money by addressing issues right away.
  5. Preserve the value of your property

Gray house with "For Rent" sign

Assessing the condition of your rental property on a regular basis will prevent any issues from becoming bigger and more costly, and give you peace of mind that tenants are taking good care of your rental home.  Real Property Management offers move-in, move-out, and regularly scheduled inspections e.g., quarterly or semi-annually.

Contact your local Real Property Management office to learn more about preserving the value of your investment property.

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