How to Rock Your Next Super Bowl Party

superbowl party

It doesn't matter if you are a football fan or not, what better excuse to host a party than a big game! College Bowl games, NFL playoff games and of course the Super Bowl are all part of winter festivities with friends and family. Check out these winners for your next football party…

Football Field Party Table

Your guests will be pumped up at the site of all the delicious food set out on your game day party table! Grab some green felt from the local craft store, white duct tape, and white die-cut numbers.

  • Cover your table with the green felt and secure it by taping it down.
  • Mark off where you want the yard lines for your football field and use white duct tape to create the line.
  • Apply the die-cut numbers on either side of the yard line



Baked Bloomin’ Onion

A snack favorite for many is now easier and healthier to make while still tasting amazing! Follow this and many other game day food recipes on Pinterest.

Super Bowl Bingo

Keep the game even more interesting by creating your own Bingo cards. Score big with penalty calls, key plays, and well-known commercials. Don’t forget to reward the winner with a game prize! Find these easy to print Bingo cards on  Pinterest.


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