Video: What Can Real Property Management Do For You?

Here's a video describing what Real Property Management can do for for property investors, and how Real Property Management differs from discount companies.

Video Transcript

What does real property management do for you? Advertising, marketing, prepping, inspecting, showing and screening, receiving, accepting, selecting and signing, briefing and moving, maintaining, inspecting, enforcing, responding, pricing and saving communicating, emailing and calling, faxing and stating, coordinating, scheduling, unlocking, fixing. Accounting, reporting, funding, filing and nixing.

Complying, complying, complying, complying.

Renewing or moving, collecting, evicting, assessing rekeying, and ever repeating. And meanwhile, we're training and ever refining. Always running to keep vacancies ever declining because real property management means oh so much more than cashing a rent check, oh no… So much more.

The discount shops say they can do all this, too. Without staff, systems, resources. How can that be true?

Tens of thousands of investors nationwide know, when they need real management just where to go. For proven and trusted, winter, spring, summer, fall, from major catastrophes, down to the small. So if you own rentals, grab the phone, make a call. Real property management, we handle it all.

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